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By | October 9, 2021

Boom Live ios is a live streaming app for mobile devices in the field of live streaming – a smartphone app broadcasting app that helps users connect with hundreds of thousands of live streaming idols. With app, making friends – chatting – dating is now simpler and easier than ever.

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What is Boom Live IOS?

Boom Live ios
Boom Live ios

App is a streaming social network where users can meet and chat with many others. For each live stream, the app gives users a separate room with a corresponding ID. As such, you can join the chat room if you know the user’s ID or name.

When using app, if you are a guest, you can interact and communicate with the owner through texting. Live streamers can see the prompts you send in the chatbox on the left side of the screen. Of course, you can also see the messages sent from other users while watching the live stream.

Similar to other popular streaming apps, BOOM LIVE supports features such as gift give-in to live streamers. To be able to give gifts, you use coins and buy them, later giving them to idols’ live stream.

You are free to create live streaming rooms for yourself to chat with others. However, live streaming doesn’t mean you’re an idol. To become an idol on Boom Live iphone, you need to fill in your registration form. The developer will then take steps to authenticate your personal information. If appropriate, you will be an idol and be granted direct chat room rights and some other special features.

As a live stream idol, you can create a live stream room at any time and can receive gifts from other viewers. These gifts can be converted into cash or coins. So, if you become an idol on Boom Live Ipad, you can make money from the platform.

Popular forms of live streaming on app include singing, confiding, storytelling, and gaming. If you impress your viewers, they can support you through the real picture of giving you gifts. Thus, after receiving gifts you can exchange them for cash and withdraw money to your bank account.

There is a special feature that Boom Live ios allows idols to use the room lock feature. When the viewer wants to participate in the room, they are required to give at least one gift. As such, the chances of making money from app are huge if you become an idol.

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Great features of app

Share interesting moments via live stream

As mentioned above, users can easily create a Live Stream room with everyone and have the opportunity to become a live stream idol.

Follow and make friends with anyone

Making friends and following anyone you like is now incredibly easy with Bunny Live. When you follow idols you like, you won’t miss out on exciting live streams.

Beautiful images with filters and stickers

To make live streaming better, Bunny Live offers a diverse store of filters and stickers. Now you can become more beautiful and attract more viewers

Enjoy watching everyone’s live streams and videos.

Bunny Live is a live stream social network where users can interact and make friends. With Bunny Live, you can easily watch videos and live streams of friends, idols, and fans. Users can watch diverse videos of content. Thus, Bunny Live is a place not only for entertainment but also very interactive.

Connect, text, and give gifts to friends and idols

Boom Live ios allows users to watch videos and text chats with idols or send meaningful gifts to their favorite person. Online communication will make the live stream more enjoyable.

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Boom Live ios app information

The advantages and disadvantages of Boom Live IOS


According to statistics from Applestore, the download of apps on Android is more than 3 million, the average time a user uses the app is about 6 hours. That’s a great number for a live stream.

Boom Live is one of the best entertainment and streaming apps today thanks to a lot of interesting news. Special features have helped app overtake rival apps to attract millions of downloads. Here are the highlights of app.

  • Users can both watch live streams and can chat and comment directly with idols or friends
  • The app is completely free.
  • Has a very impressive design, eye-catching and easy to use
  • Supports all platforms and operating systems from Android and iOS to desktop PCs with more than 2000 compatible devices
  • App allows anyone who is eligible to become a live stream idol and earns income from the platform. Moreover, the app also allows idols to use permissions such as room locks so they can make extra money from gifts from fans. Gifts can be exchanged for cash and transferred to the idol’s personal bank account.
  • Often hosts special live streams featuring celebrities and allowing users to participate.
  • Users can create separate groups to chat with each other.


Surely no app is perfect, and neither is Boomlive ios. Besides many advantages, this application also has a few disadvantages that cause unnecessary annoyances for users.

Perhaps the biggest problem with BOOMLIVE is the transmission during peak hours when many users use the app. But this happens with all live-streaming apps. According to the general assessment, although live streams also cause jerking and lag during rush hour, the sound and image quality is still guaranteed at a good level. With a free app like BoomLive, ensuring high image quality during peak hours is great.

Finally, there are some other issues that are insignificant and don’t affect the user experience much.

Thus, the article has just shared information about the app, one of the best live streaming apps today. Is an app for everyone, especially young people. Anyone has the opportunity to become a live stream idol and make money from

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