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By | October 9, 2021

Boom live APK offers an exciting live streaming platform for you to connect and chat with hundreds of idols, experience your exciting moments and that of others. App also wants to help users have a friendly and warm environment to communicate with each other, overcoming all barriers to distance and language.

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All about Boom live android

Boom live apk

About Boom live apk

With app, making friends, chatting or dating is now simpler and easier than ever, a live streaming platform where you have the opportunity to socialize with a lot of young people around the world, including your favorite idols. You can also share your exciting moments to become an idol with thousands of fans. Boom live now supports more than 150 countries, has 100,000 live streaming idols and 1,000,000 new users per month.

Boom live apk brings the profiles of a lot of users with their photos, and you can choose whoever you like, connect and chat in real time with idols, giving you a unique experience of colorful live streams. While streaming you can use image editing features to get the most perfect beauty in people’s eyes.

Moreover, when that video or livestream reaches many people, both livestreamers and viewers are given by Lice for attractive gifts of great value.

Similar to the popular social networks today Zalo, Facebook, Instagram,.. In order to be able to participate in the use, the player needs to register an account and authenticate the information in the account as the owner. Men will be extremely interested in this application because they can comfortably see beautiful girls with hot, attractive, sexy bodies without having to spend anything.

The Boom live app is owned by the media company LIVE STREAM and is being distributed worldwide. App is also supported by well-known entertainment industry entrepreneurs to grow.

In addition, app has a legal business license from the software “LIVESTREAM – PLAY GAMES – MAKE FRIENDS”. Therefore, it can be affirmed that this is really a reputable and reliable application to use.

Facts about Boom live apk

Facts about Boom live apk
  • It is a mobile live streaming app.
  • Users can share interesting moments.
  • Easy access to the videos of the idols.
  • Have the opportunity to talk to millions of people.

Boom live apk app information

  • Platform: Android 4.4 and above
  • Capacity: Android ~54MB
  • Application Type: Entertainment
  • Publisher: Company Limited

Boom live Android main features

Easily create a room for live streaming and become an idol

Never before has it been easier to become a popular idol thanks to the use of the Boom live app.

Connect friends around the world

You can easily connect and make friends with anyone around the world quickly with Boom live. To be able to watch the live streams of your friends or an idol you love, just click on the following.

There are many filters and stickers

To become more beautiful and interesting with live streams, you can choose filters and stickers that you like. This way, you can easily get more viewers.

Watch everyone’s live stream

Boom live android is a place that allows users to connect with each other via live streams so you never ignore any live stream videos from your favorite friends or idols with just a few simple taps. App videos are also categorized so you’ll quickly find the content you like.

Easy to text, give gifts to your favorite idol

While watching live streaming videos, the app allows users to chat with fans or give meaningful gifts to each other. Users can also get through from their idols.

The advantages and disadvantages of Boom live apk


If comparing the online entertainment app with other apps in the same segment, the app possesses a lot of outstanding advantages. And thanks to these advantages, the app is increasingly attracting a large number of people to download and use a hundred times more than other apps.

According to statistics, since the app’s launch on the market, it has garnered more than 6 billion downloads and the average time people use the app every day is up to 6 hours. That’s a number that makes many manufacturers dream, right?

Besides, app has many other outstanding advantages such as:

  • Allow users to livestream live chat, view and comment on personal views from other videos posted by friends.
  • Use the app for free.
  • The attractive interface makes a strong impression on the user.
  • Easy-to-use interface design
  • Support on all platforms: Can be used in Android, iOS and computer desktop
  • When the livestream becomes an idol on the app, you also have the opportunity to earn a huge income every month. The money earned on the app is completely withdrawn to the bank account whenever you want.
  • Allow users to participate in attractive events of famous stars and actors
  • Allows users to create closed groups to chat with each other.


In addition to the advantages that the app brings to users, in the process of the app still exists irreparable disadvantages. Sometimes it causes unnecessary trouble for the user.

The most common disadvantage is the speed of the app’ load. When at the peak time, visitors to the app are too crowded, it will lead to slow loading speed, causing livestream videos to be jerked, lag, view not as smooth as before. But we think this is a free app so it’s hard to avoid this situation.

There are also some other small but not worrying disadvantages. You must have made a decision on whether to download app to your device, right? But if you’re looking for an app that’s simply for free live streaming every day, it’s hard to find a better app than Boom App.

As such, with the information that we shared above about the Boom live apk, we hope that it can help you better understand this app. This is a free live stream app with many great functions that promises to bring the best user experience.

Link to download Boom Live application to Android:

Download Now BoomLive.Apk

If you use an IOS phone, you can download it here:

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