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In the past few years, live streaming applications have become the keyword that young people are most interested in. And among them, it is impossible not to mention Boom Live. So what makes this app stand out from other apps? The following article will share the advantages and disadvantages for everyone to better understand this application.

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General introduction about the application Boom Live

Is an online entertainment application that is too familiar to young people today. The application is not only for exchanging, chatting, and making friends from all over the world, having the opportunity to get acquainted with famous idols, but also a place for young people to show their own talents through posting and sharing a lot of engaging videos to come for their friends and fans.

Moreover, when that video or live stream approaches many people to participate, both the live streamer and the viewer will be given attractive gifts of great value.

Similar to today’s famous popular social networks Zalo, Facebook, Instagram,… to be able to participate, players need to register an account and verify the information in the account is the owner. Especially, men will be extremely interested in this application because they can comfortably look at beautiful girls with hot, charming, and sexy bodies without having to spend anything.

Boom Live App is published by LiveStream and is widely distributed worldwide. App is also supported by famous entertainment industry entrepreneurs, helping to grow as strong as it is today. In addition, this application also has a legal business license in accordance with the law. Therefore, it is completely safe to say that this is really a reputable and reliable application to use.

Advantages of Boom Live

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If comparing the online entertainment application with other applications in the same segment, this application possesses many outstanding advantages. And also thanks to these advantages, the app is increasingly attracting more people to download and use it than other applications. According to statistics, since the application was launched on the market now, there have been more than 6 billion downloads, and the average time people use the app every day is up to 6 hours. It’s a number that many manufacturers dream about, isn’t it?

Besides, Boom Live con possesses many other outstanding advantages such as:

Allows users to go live

Allows users to go live to socialize, chat, make friends, watch, and comment on personal views from other videos posted by friends. Having more friends really makes your life more interesting and more creative at work. Having more friends means you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, know more interesting things about cultures around the world.

Download and use the application completely free

You can be completely assured because Boom Live does not charge users. Only until you have a need to recharge to experience the service more fully, you can recharge and use it according to personal needs such as giving gifts to idols,… This is also quite common in several applications today.

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An attractive interface makes a strong impression on users

User-friendly interface design, making it easier for users to use and manipulate is what you can see when using BoomLive.App. With the main color design being pink, purple, and dark blue, the overall interface looks modern and eye-catching, suitable for users who are dynamic and creative young people.

Support on all platforms

You can download and use the Boom Live app on any smartphone device. Whether it is an Android or iOS operating system, it has been designed and upgraded to suit each operating system. So can this application be used on computers or not? The answer is yes. You can completely download and use it easily.

Opportunity to be famous and earn

When you go live and get a lot of support and love from your viewers, you can become an idol on the app. After that, you also have the opportunity to earn a large income every month. The money earned on the app can be completely withdrawn to your bank account whenever you want.

Allow users to participate in attractive events of famous stars and actors

When there are any events of famous people, they will organize so that fans can join. From there, idols can interact and connect with more viewers. Viewers also have the opportunity to better understand their idols.

Allow creating private chat groups

Allow users to create private groups to chat and chat together. Private groups are always a place for you to freely make friends, chat, and get to know each other. Especially groups with similar interests and personalities.

Absolute security

User privacy is always maximum security: Publisher Boom Live is committed to all personal information such as name, age, address, email, chat content, usage data, history,… are protected with maximum security.

Disadvantages of Boom Live

Besides the advantages that the Boom Live application brings to users, during the application process, there are still disadvantages that cannot be overcome. Sometimes causing unnecessary troubles for users.

The most typical downside is the loading speed of this application. In peak hours, when the number of people accessing the app is too large, it is easy to have a slow loading speed, causing the live streaming videos to be jerky, laggy, and not as smooth as before. However, we need to understand that this is a free application, so it is difficult to avoid this situation.

There are also a number of other minor downsides, but nothing to worry about. At this point, you must have made the decision yourself whether to download Boom Live to your device, right? But if you are looking for a simple app just to watch free entertainment live streaming every day, there is no better choice than Boom Live.

The information shared above about the Boom Live, hopefully, can help you better understand this application. Ignoring the small disadvantages, download Boom Live immediately to your device to experience the great features of this application. And finally, if you find the information good and useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends and relatives so they know and experience it.